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Beginners II

Level A1b

Upper beginner

This is an online course for students with basic knowledge of Italian language. You will have course access for 16 weeks*

  *The period of access begins from the date of purchase.

Course description

Click the CC button in the player’s bottom toolbar to choose the language you want and see subtitles.

5 Modules - 15 Lessons - Exercises & Quizzes

The course is organized in 5 modules:

  1. module – Io e la mia famiglia: talk about yourself and your family.
  2. module – Un viaggio in Italia: plan a trip to Italy and meet new italian friends.
  3. module – Turisti ma non troppo: life in an Italian city. Using the past tense.
  4.  module – È stato bellissimo!: talk about your Italian experience using the past.
  5. module – Sabato sera: dinner with friends and a recipe.

Each module contains 3 thematic lessons and a summary quiz at the end.

In lessons you will find:

  • a learning path that combines weekly content and activities in a logical and coherent order
  • instructor’s direct guidance through video (also explaining grammar) with subtitles in Italian, English or Czech
  • video comics
  • readings, audio and video to practice your comprehension
  • self-correcting exercises to practice and review what you learn
  • link to Quizlet flashcards and games to memorize new vocabulary

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

    • take active part in a conversation about yourself and your family.
    • deal with everyday situations in various scenarios like meeting people or booking a hotel, a restaurant, shopping etc
    • speak with more confidence and communicate more accurately
    • use your reading, writing, speaking and listening skills more proficiently

We use two external tools to help you learn Italian in different ways:

Quizlet access

Train and memorize words and example sentences based on the lessons' content that we have prepared for you. You'll need to sign up for free and then join our class. The link to the class is inside the lessons.
Download the app to study on the go
Quizlet offers apps for iOS and Android devices, including iPhones, iPads, and a variety of Android phones and tablets.


Enjoy learning Italian with the music videos and filling in the lyrics of songs that we choose for you on LyricsTraining. Signing up is not necessary. You'll find the link to the songs within the lessons.